Moving Ahead at AIFSCONVERENCE2016

It is now time to move forward at, and as we look ahead, contemplating our next big steps, we know that there is a lot to consider. Families are changing. Jobs are changing. The way we shop has already changed dramatically in the last few years. And the way we work has certainly undergone a great deal of flux as well.

Therefore, and just using business and work as one example, if our work atmosphere has changed, then the supports that we previously may have taken for granted are bound to change. It’s inevitable. I wonder how many people who used to lament having to go to work are sick of hanging out in their homes on Zoom meetings? How many people miss the camaraderie of a simply 15 minute coffee break with their colleagues?

What this means, briefly, is that we are also changing. You will soon see an entirely new look to the site, and yet, even though the presentation has changed, the dedication to you has remained steadfast and strong. We’ll be back very soon! Thank you for your patience.